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Counter-Posing My Day: A Core-stabilization & Side-bending Sequence

Since Madeline was born, I find myself craving an energizing yoga practice, and at the same time feeling energetically depleted. At eight months old, we still spend a fair amount of time nursing, I sit or lay on the floor next to her while she plays, and carry her all over the house because “being held by Mama” is always the answer. I love that her and I have hit a rhythm, but all of these things leave my body feeling stiff and imbalanced (especially the fact that I favor holding her on one hip over the other).

The practice I want to share with you today consists of movements that I keep coming back to over and over again. They intuitively feel right and are my go-to lately when I want to build some heat and really feel “in” my body. I’ve noticed that side bending and core stability are themes. It makes sense with my Mom Posture lately: hips popped to one side and pressed forward (along with my belly) to support my adorably chubby17-lb babe. I guess you could consider this whole practice a counter balance to the regular movement patterns of my day – the same way you counterbalance any strenuous individual posture. I’ve notice my practice also frequently starts on the ground. I’m tired…I need to work my way up to standing ;)

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